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LED Light Bulbs - 60W equivalent $7.95 each (40W $5.95)

These 60W bulbs use only 9W and produce as much light as a typical 60W incandescent light bulb.  They also use 40% less power than the typical compact fluorescent light bulb and last almost three times as long - averaging 23 years in normal household use (3 hrs per day, 7 days a week) compared to 8 years for the compact fluorescent light bulb.

So why is a computer store selling light bulbs?  Well, I'm a newbie camera buff and own a Canon Rebel T5i digital camera.  Outdoors the photos are fantastic, but indoors with fluorescent lighting I found that soft white bulbs (color temperature 2300k-2500k) make everything look yellow/orange and daylight bulbs (color temperature 6500k) give a bluish cast to the photos.  After some study, I learned I would have the best results indoors with lighting with a natural color temperature of 5000k.  After hitting every place in town I could think of, no one had compact fluorescent bulbs that color, although I was able to order some.  When one of our suppliers started carrying 5000K LED bulbs at such a fantastically good price, I couldn't resist.

Store Hours

9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. weekdays.  After-hours Internet support until 9 p.m. most nights.  Leave a message if we do not answer.

Web Email Pro User's Manual

Here is a link to the new Web Email Pro User's Manual.  The only thing in the Manual that doesn't work (that I'm currently aware of) is the VoIP service because we didn't license that.  If you want the IM service but it doesn't appear in your Webmail, let me know and I'll make sure it is enabled for your account (

High Speed Wireless Internet

A year ago we finished replacing our entire wireless network in Moscow and Pullman with a new very high speed wireless setup capable of speeds people in this area had never seen over a wireless connection. The reality is that people want to stream video over their Internet connections and that was not possible over older wireless network technologies because they lacked the bandwidth needed for multiple people to be able to stream video at the same time. Now that has changed. Below are the speeds we are offering.

Speeds up to Monthly Rate
1M/200K 29.95
2M/400K 34.95
3M/800K 44.95
5M/1200K 59.95
7M/1500K 79.95

Maps:  Moscow, Moscow Area, or Pullman

We are the area's first and fastest Wireless Internet Service Provider.

Free Beginning Web Publishing Class

Do you want to build a web site for your business or club?  Would you like a site that's easy to build and maintain?  One that is almost as simple as word-processing?  Come to our class and do hands-on work with a real, live site, where you make a change, then just save.  No FTP!

I can set up your permanent web site for you, or you can use one of our sample sites to practice on.  Please send a note to me, if you're planning on coming (no obligation).  Normal class time is 5:00 p.m. Monday nights, but I'd be happy to accommodate you on another night.

CD and DVD Bulk Copying

We have bulk copying equipment to put your holiday pictures and movies on CD or DVD.  We can also put a full-color picture on the surface, and we have supplies for mailing them.  We can do from one to a thousand or more, all at a reasonable price.

We Have the Cable you Need

Our purchaser has been listening to our customers, and we have many new cables for connecting your PC to your TV!  HDMI, miniHDMI, Display port, DVI, sVideo.  Connectors, extenders and adapters are in stock now!

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