Support Policies

Support Pages (forever under construction):

The menu at the left will take you to our support pages for each of the services listed.

This is the place to start when you have a question or problem. For common questions and problems with straightforward answers and solutions, you will find detailed illustrations and instructions. This is better information than you can get over the telephone. We suggest that you print out the page of instructions, read through them carefully before starting, and then proceed.

Telephone Support:

Most, but not all, questions and problems can be resolved on the telephone. If we have seen a problem before and know its solution, if you have enough knowledge about your computer and its operating system, and if you are sitting at your computer when you call, then we have a good chance of solving the problem on the phone. If we have not seen the problem before, if it does not have a straightforward solution, or if you do not have sufficient knowledge about your computer to follow the support person's instructions, then you may be asked to bring the computer in to our shop (see below).

We have people willing to help you, but realize that their knowledge varies considerably on different topics. If the persons you talk to cannot answer your question, ask to have someone call you back. The most knowledgeable individuals have the greatest demands on their time and it is doubtful they can take your call immediately. However, they will be happy to call you back.

E-Mail Support:

This is perhaps the poorest form of support. It is difficult and time-consuming to ask questions and give responses by e-mail. It should only be used for simple requests that are not urgent. You should always include the type of computer you own, what operating system you are using, what program you are using, including its version number, and anything else that will be helpful.

In-Shop Support:

If the support person decides that it is not possible to solve your problem over the phone because of its complexity, you may be asked to bring your computer into our shop so that our personnel can take a look at it and see if they can resolve the problem directly. There is no charge for this service. However, be aware that this service does not include repairing defective computers, modems or trashed operating systems.

On-Site Support

On-site support is very expensive, it is not covered by any fee that you have paid, and you will be charged for on-site support, if you request it, at our usual service rates. Exceptions to this rule are made only when the computer cannot be brought into our shop for reasons acceptable to the support supervisor.