Acer Laptop Computer
ACER and ASUS Computers

Come in and see our ASUS Home and Business Computers and Acer Laptops.  Acer is the world's second largest and fastest growing computer company.  Quality speaks for itself.  You will love their line of light weight laptops with exceptionally long battery life and powerful, built-in wireless.

Wireless Router

Being an Internet Provider we are heavily into Networking.  Come in and see what has to be the area's most extensive inventory of Networking switches, routers, wireless routers, commercial radios, fiber optic equipment and our huge cable and accessory selection.

Everything for the Do-it-Yourselfer

You can build your own computer just from the parts on our shelves! We have a large variety of parts from Motherboards to Processors to Memory to Video to Drives. And don't miss out on our attractive computer cases. With 25 years of computer building experience, everything from home computers to large Internet servers, we are the area's most trusted source of quality computer parts.

Lowest Prices in Town for Hundreds of Items

Our last price spot survey, in 2014, checked our prices both locally and on-line for three Moscow big-box stores.  We have an especially good inventory of cables and connectors, so we surveyed every tenth item in our on-line inventory's cable list.  We first checked on-line prices at Staples, Office Depot and Walmart.  For the items which were listed in their online inventory, we then physically checked each Moscow store.  If they had something similar in the store, say a cable that was a different color or slightly different in length, we accepted that item.

Results:  As had been true in earlier, less formal surveys, we have a very much larger stock of cables, and with a few exceptions, lower local prices than any of the big box stores surveyed.  We reserve the right, of course, to adjust our prices at any time, but this survey was accurate to the best of our knowledge as of 3/18/14.


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