ADSL Hardware Setup

If you have a Speedstream 6520 ADSL modem with built in wireless router (the most common equipment we lend people with new ADSL accounts) the router is already programmed.  DO NOT PUSH THE RESET BUTTON UNLESS TOLD TO DO SO BY ONE OF OUR TECHNICIANS.

Connect the provided phone cable from the DSL port to the phone outlet in your home.  You may use either the provided Ethernet cable to connect to your computer, or connect it wirelessly, or if you have more than one computer, use both methods.

If you use the Ethernet connection, plug the Ethernet cable between one of the four ports on the back of the DSL modem/router and the Ethernet port on your computer.  You may have to restart your computer to reach the Internet.

If you connect wirelessly, your SSID (something like Cactus0945) and security key are on a tag on the bottom of the router.  Connect to Cactus0945 wirelessly, and type in the security key when asked for it.

Hardware Installation - Westell Wirespeed

Hardware Installation - Westell  2200 (from Verizon)