MS Windows Mail

  1. Run Microsoft Windows Mail.
  2. Click on the "Tools" menu, and pick "Accounts".
  3. Click the "Add" button, and choose "Mail".
  4. Type your real name, as you want people to see it, in the Display Name area.
  5. Check "I already have an email address that I'd like to use" and type in your email address, with no spaces.  Capitals do not count.  Click the "Next" button.
    1. (most common) TurboNet email address, TurboNet connection.  If this is purely a TurboNet email, your email server is a POP3, and its name is "".  The outgoing mail server name is also "".  As of April 2004, you must set authentication ON (see step 9 below).
    2. "Foreign" email address, TurboNet connection.  If you're checking an email from another provider, use their POP3, for instance, to set up, on a TurboNet-connected computer, the POP3 server is  The SMTP is  Set authentication ON.
    3. TurboNet email address, checked from another ISP's connection.  If you're setting up a TurboNet email account to be checked from a non-TurboNet connection, keep as the POP3 and use your other ISP's SMTP.  For instance, to check from a computer on the University of Idaho campus, your POP3 would be and your SMTP would be  You may also use for your outgoing email server if you set authentication ON. Note that some ISPs block outgoing email on port 25.  Our server's alternate outgoing port is 366.
  6. Click "Next".
  7. Type your account name, without the "" part.  Type in your password and check the "Remember password" box.  Do not check the secure authentication box.
  8. If you check more than one email account, to make it easy to see which account got which message, go to the View menu, click Columns, and put a check in the box by Account.
  9. If you have trouble, phone me.  Monica, 883-5500 or 800-310-5554.

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