Cloud Backup

When we were repairing computers we had a newly married lady come in who had lost all of her Australian honeymoon photos when her laptop drive failed on her way back to the US.  A grandmother lost 15 years of digital photos of her friends, family and grandchildren when her hard drive crashed.  A man lost all of the photos of his children as they were growing up when his computer was stolen.  A lawyer lost files that cost nearly $30,000 to replace when his hard drive crashed.  And a contractor lost all of his business and tax records when his house burned down and melted his computer - putting him out of business.

We all know we should backup our computers and mobile devices and yet almost all of us ignore this sage advice - to our eventual regret.  Off-site backup, such as the cloud, offers greater security for our data by eliminating losses due to fire or theft.

Some businesses recognize the fact that if a computer fails they may need to retrieve their data quickly and normally cloud back is exceedingly slow if you need to retrieve large amounts of data.  Cactus, however, has the solution to retrieving your data.

Data Retrieval Solution 1:  Come into our store here in Moscow and we can quickly copy your data to a flash drive, external hard drive, laptop or workstation.  This method is nearly 100 times faster than retrieving your data over the Internet.

Data Retrieval Solution 2:  Cactus can install a local network attached storage, NAS, drive for your local backups and the NAS drive will automatically back up your data to the cloud.  This way you have a very fast local backup to retrieve your data (even in the middle of the night), yet still have the safety of an off-site, cloud backup.

Cactus bases its prices not on the number of users and devices you backup, but on the amount of storage you want to reserve.  This works much better for families and businesses who don’t want to be nickel and dimed to death each time they get a new device that needs backing up.

  Space Price per Month
Home 250 GB $6.95
  500 GB 12.95
Business 250 GB 19.95
  500 GB 24.95
  1 TB 59.00
  2 TB 89.00
Onsite+Office 1 TB 119.00*
  2 TB 145.00*

Pricing for Cactus Cloud Backup

* Includes rental of NAS device.  The price is the same as Business if you buy the NAS device.  Setup fees may also apply if you buy the NAS device.

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