Mailing List Commands

The commands below are sent in the body of an email to, one command per line.

Command Description Usage
JOIN or SUBSCRIBE The join or subscribe commands are issued by users who want to join the list.  JOIN [password] {listname}, [mail address], [full name]


SUBSCRIBE [password] {listname}, [mail address], [full name]

The values inside the square brackets are optional.  If no email address is given, the one used to send the request will be used.  Below, mylist is the full email address of your list.

Example:  join mylist,

Example: subscribe mylist,, John Doe

The commas above are required.

LEAVE or UNSUBSCRIBE Users can leave the list automatically using the leave or unsubscribe command. LEAVE [password] {listname}, [mail address]

or UNSUBSCRIBE [password] {listname}, [mail address]
Example:  leave mylist

RECIPIENTS or REVIEW Get a listing of all members of the specified mailing list. RECIPIENTS [password] <list> or

REVIEW [password] <list>

HELP Use this command to get a description of all the list server commands HELP [password]