Outlook 2000 Setup

  1. Run Outlook 2000.
  2. Click on the "Tools" menu, and pick "Services".  Click Internet mail.
  3. Click the "add" button or the "properties" button, depending on if you want to add or edit an account.
  4. You should get a screen like the one below.

  5. The following assume you are adding a new account.
  6. Type your real name, as you want people to see it, in the Display Name area.
  7. Type in your email address, with no spaces.  Capitals do not count.  Click the "Next" button.
  8. Your email server is a POP3, and its name is "mail.turbonet.com".  The outgoing mail server name is also "mail.turbonet.com".  Click "Next".
  9. Type your account name, without the "@turbonet.com" part.  If you don't want to type your password every time you connect (if you trust your house-mates not to peek, or don't care if they do) type in your password and check the "Remember password" box.  Check the authentication box.
  10. If you have trouble, phone me.  Monica, 883-5500.